Why Career Counselling Should Be An Essential Part Of Choosing The Right Career Option ?

March 10, 2021by mycrr_sathi_usr

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The future depends on what you do today”

In a country where 85% of students are not clear about which option to choose for higher education, where 92% of students don’t receive any career-related guidance from their schools, where students start exploring their identity, their interests when they land up in college, why don’t parents and their children go to a career counselor?

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To begin with, students after 12th face serious confusion in terms of career. From artificial intelligence and robotics to data science, cryptocurrency, and web designing and the list goes on, when it comes to choosing the right career option for yourself it is necessary that it matches your aptitude, and has some scope in the future.

Let’s find out the common reasons why career counselling is important in choosing the right career path for themselves.

  • In a society where there is no dearth of “experts” and “advisors”, many people are not willing to spend money on paid counselling. In India, people don’t feel the need to approach a career counselor wherein they have to shell out some bucks to get career advice for their child which anyways is available free of cost and in abundance! But, here is the precise reason why you should go for expert career guidance for your child. You can find many sources on the internet that will provide you with unverified, confusing, and sometimes contradictory information that can do more harm than good. A professional career guidance expert with years of research and experience in the field is in the position to clarify all the doubts, remove all the misconceptions and wrong notions one may have about different careers and their future prospects.
  • The second reason, and the one which quite true is the credibility of career counselors. While some eminent career counselors have made their name in this field after years of hard work, perseverance, dedication, and commitment but admit that most of the “career counselors” you find in the market are associated with a private university, a coaching company, or some other educational enterprise. Since the career counselling profession in our country is unregulated, they freely use titles such as “career counselors”. So what many students and their parents encounter as a career counselor is a person whose main job is to bring students to a particular college or a coaching institution. Hence, one finds many people who are skeptical about approaching a career counselor.
  • The third thing I’ve come across that career counselors charge quite a high price for a session. This is a complex issue; let’s try to understand it from both perspectives: students/parents and career counselors. One reason for it is that it requires a lot of research, hard work, patience, and dedication to prepare a comprehensive career development plan for a student. Apart from the long one-on-one conversations, a counselor may have to use certain assessment/ psychometric tests to get information about a student’s interests, aptitude, work values, personality orientation, motivators, etc. However, considering the financial profile of a middle-class person in India, one definitely has to think twice before deciding to spend a significant amount on career counselling. As a result, career counselling service has unfortunately ended up becoming a “luxury” service available to the privileged ones, especially the ones, who are planning to study abroad. And a substantial population who anyways have less exposure and knowledge about different career options remain excluded from getting the much-needed career guidance.

A professionally qualified career counselor is in the best position to solve all the career-related doubts, queries, and wrong assumptions that students and their parents have about different career options and their future career prospects